Help: Posts

A post represents a single file that's been uploaded. Posts can be tagged, flagged for deletion, searched for, deleted, approved, sourced, added to pools, given ratings, have notes added to them, commented, voted on, and favorited.

Searching Posts

Searching for posts is straightforward. Simply enter the tags you want to search for, separated by spaces. For example, searching for apple orange will return every post that has both the apple tag AND the orange tag.

That's not all. e621 offers several meta-tags that let you further refine your search, allowing you to search for things like width, height, score, uploader, date, and more. Consult the cheat sheet for a complete list of what you can do.


? + – tehcanine-art 950
? + – mammal 950
? + – nintendo 950
? + – fluttershy 950
? + – simple background 950

In both the listing page and the show page you'll notice a list of tag links with characters next to them. Here's an explanation of what the links are:

  • ? The wiki page for that tag. If the tag is an artist tag it will take you to the artist page instead.
  • + Adds the tag to your current search.
  • Negates the tag from your current search.

Also shown on the post index (whether searching with a tag or not) is a list of trending tags. These are the thirty tags that have been applied to the most posts in the last 24 hours, sorted by total post count.


Mode Menu

In the main listing page, you'll notice a menu labeled "Mode" in the sidebar. Simply select an option and whenever you click on a thumbnail, the action will be performed on the post in the background.

  • View - Go to post. Default behavior
  • Edit - Shows a tag edit box which allows you to quickly change its tags from the index.
  • Favorite / Unfavorite - Adds or removes a post from your favorites.
  • Add to Set / Remove from Set - Add/remove a post from the selected set. Only sets you own or maintain are in the list.
  • Rate Safe/Questionable/Explicit (Privileged+) - Set a post's rating.
  • Lock Rating / Lock notes (Janitor+) - Lock the post's rating or notes, so basic members cannot change them.
  • Remove Parent (Janitor+) - Removes the parent post.
  • Delete / Undelete (Approver) - Deletes/undeletes the post.
  • Unflag (Approver) - Removes the flag from the post.

In the listing page, you will notice that some thumbnails have a border. The meaning of this border depends on the color.

Red - The post was flagged for deletion, only shown to Approvers.
Blue - The post is pending approval.
Green - The post has child posts.
Yellow - The post has a parent.
Black - The post is deleted.

Post Page

  • ID: The unique identifier for the post.
  • Source: The URL that the post and artist can be found at (max 10).
  • Rating: The rating of the post.
  • Score: The score of the post.
  • Posted: The time at which the post was uploaded.
  • Uploader: The user that uploaded the post. Only visible to Janitor+.
    • Normal users can see this information on the first post version, which can be found under the "Tags/Desc" link.
      • In cases where the post has been replaced, the post version will not be updated with the replacer. You can see the new uploader in the "Replacements" list in the history section.
  • Approver: This is the name of the approver who has last approved the post, if any.
  • Size: The width, height, and file size.
  • Type: The filetype of the post
  • Status: The status of the post. Active, Flagged, or Deleted.
  • Favorites: The number of users that have favorited the post.
  • +Favorite: Add the post to your favorites.
  • Edit: Edit the post's tags, sources & rating.
  • Download: Open the full version of the post.
  • Add to pool: Adds a post to a specific pool. Non-active pools do not show up in the list.
  • Add to set: Adds a post to a specific set. Only sets you own or maintain are in the list.
  • Set as avatar: Sets the current post as your avatar.
  • Add note: Adds a note to the post.
  • Copy notes: Copy all notes from this post to another post.
  • Replace post: Replace this post with a new image. Only accessible to those in the Replacements Beta.
  • Flag: Flag the post for deletion. Do not flag a post if you do not like its contents, blacklist it instead.
  • Report: Report the post. This should not be used for AI, not liking the post, not meeting the uploading guidelines, etc.
  • Delete: Delete the post. Only visible to Approvers if the post is not deleted.
  • Undelete: Undelete the post. Only visible to Approvers if the post is deleted.
  • Approve: Approve the post. Only visible to Approvers if the post is not approved.
  • Unapprove: Unapprove the post. Only visible to Approvers if the post is approved, and it has been less than 30 days since upload.
  • Update IQDB: Update the reverse image search database for this port. Only visible to Admin+
  • Destroy: Completely removes the post and all related data. Only visible to Admin+
  • Regenerate Thumbnails: Regenerates the thumbnails of the post. Only visible to Janitor+
  • Tags/Desc: The change history for the post.
  • Notes: The note history for the post.
  • Events: The events for the post, including rating locking/unlocking, deleting, flagging, etc.
  • Replacements: The list of replacements for the post.
  • Sets with this post: Search for sets containing this post.
  • Visually similar on E6: Search for similar posts on e621.
  • Reverse Google Search: Search for similar images on Google.
  • Reverse SauceNAO Search: Search for similar images with SauceNAO.
  • Reverse Derpibooru Search: Search for similar images on Derpibooru.
  • Reverse Kheina Search: Search for similar images with Kheina.
  • Inkbunny MD5 Search: Search for similar images on Inkbunny.