enorach and lars created by 0laffson
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More Eno and Lars modern AU, where Enorach is taller than Lars and they are extremely gay!

As I mentioned previously, this area of the setting is not the best politically, with a lot of wars, coups and general unrest. Lars was a refugee during the last major conflict and ended up in Enorach's village. Said village is a small, isolated settlement in the forest, where Herimash (catfolk) can practice their traditional way of life, and most houses have no plumbing or electricity (hence the camp shower outside). Lars was hosted by a couple and promptly ended up being seduced by their son, Enorach. Eno's parents were totally fine with that, gave them their blessing and allowed Lars to stay in their family house for as long as he wanted.

(On a side note, I love drawing a trauma-free, happy version of Eno with supportive parents present in his life)

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