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Rough Riding (PsychoH13)

Djoser brought his son on a horseback ride to teach him how to handle a horse! But after a while he decided his son needed a different kind of lesson in rough riding, and apparently the son is loving it~

Hawt YCH done by FapFapCalvin! Thank you so much!

Featuring Hapi co-owned by Dazith and me, and yes, he loves it when I just use him in my commissions without telling him and it makes for a good gift.

Rough Riding (Dazith)

Daddy Djoser loves teaching his son, and as any upcoming pharaoh, the prince needs to know how to ride horseback. Of course, once Djoser found out his prodigy of a son already could handle the horses, he decided to make the trip worth it by making sure his son could handle another kind of ridin'~

Super hawt YCH done by FapFapCalvin ~

Daddy Djoser is PsychoH13

Featuring Hapi co-owned by PsychoH13 and me, and yes, I just LOVE it when he just uses me in his commissions without telling me and it makes for a A PERFECT gift. Thanks daddy~ ๐Ÿ’™

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