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butt expansion

When a character's butt is increasing in size (typically through unnatural means). This tag can be used during the expansion process or after it. If this process is due to inflation, also use butt_inflation.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: ass_expansion (learn more).

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3:1 <3 absurd_res allbadbadgers ambiguous_gender apocalypse assimilation blush butt butt_expansion corruption crossgender drone eevee eeveelution english_text espeon facesitting female feral flareon genitals glaceon group hi_res jolteon nintendo pawpads pokémon pokémon_(species) pussy spread_legs spreading story story_in_description surprise sylveon text transformation umbreon vaporeon video_games vr_headset
2019 <3 anthro anus big_breasts blush bovid bovine breast_expansion breasts brown_hair butt butt_expansion cattle clothing collar cowbell darkereve ear_piercing eyewear female genitals glasses hair hooves horn_growth huge_breasts human human_to_anthro legwear mammal navel nipples nude open_mouth piercing pink_background pussy sequence shocked simple_background smile solo species_transformation standing stockings tail_growth thick_thighs thin_waist torn_clothing transformation wide_hips
5_fingers abs ailurid ambiguous_gender anthro areola big_areola big_breasts big_butt big_penis breast_expansion breasts butt butt_expansion canid canine canis cervid clothing curvy_figure dee_(kansyr) domestic_cat domestic_dog felid feline felis female fingers fish footwear genitals group growth gym gynomorph hi_res hip_expansion huge_breasts huge_butt intersex kansyr lagomorph legwear leporid lips lynx male mammal marine muscular muscular_female mustela mustelid musteline nipple_piercing nipples penis piercing plantigrade rabbit red_panda s'more_(kansyr) shark shoes slap smile sneakers socks stoat tape_measure thick_bottom_lip thick_thighs tights torn_clothing vein veiny_penis voluptuous wardrobe_malfunction wendy_fortier_(clasher) wide_hips wolf yoga_pants
2020 4_breasts animal_humanoid big_breasts black_hair blush bodily_fluids bottomwear bovid bovid_humanoid bovine bovine_humanoid breast_expansion breasts butt_expansion cattle_humanoid clothing ecchipandaa female footwear hair hand_on_udders hi_res huge_breasts humanoid lactating mammal mammal_humanoid milk multi_breast pants shoes standing sweat teat_expansion teats torn_clothing transformation udder_expansion udders