Help: Wiki

e621 uses a custom wiki engine with basic functionality. All formatting is done via DText.

To create an internal wiki link, wrap the title in two sets of square brackets: [[Like this]].

Style and Formatting:

The e621 wiki has no specific style guide, but here's some general advice for creating wiki pages for tags:

Use h4 for all headers, h6 for sub-headers (not needed for most simple wikis). Bundle any relevant links at the end under a "See also" section.

This is a header

This is a sub-header

See also:

  • For franchise/series tags, try to include a "Characters" section linking to their own wiki page, and provide a short description that would allow taggers to easily identify them.
  • Avoid using external links (e.g.,, and never link them within the text. Artist galleries will usually be the most relevant here.
  • Keep it short and concise. A sentence or two is usually more than enough to tag by.
  • Don't link to the tags page with {​{curly_brackets}}, use [​[square_brackets]] to link to other wikis instead.
Gender-Neutral Wording:

Avoid gender-specific wording. Even in cases where gender would otherwise apply (e.g., breasts, genitals), mentioning gender more than once is rarely necessary. Prefer them/their pronouns, "a character", or simply reword it instead.

For instance:

  • A character of any gender with blue hair.
  • ...between a female character's breasts.
  • ...between her their breasts.
  • When the male/herm/dickgirl puts his/hirs penis in the female/herm/cuntboy's pussy after anal with her/hir. Vaginal penetration done immediately after anal.

Gender-specific wording on character wikis is an exception to this, including coined intersex/non-binary pronouns.


Anchors are a special DText function intended mainly for use on the forums (Privileged+) and wiki. They allow you to create links to "jump" to a certain section of the page when clicked from the same or other pages.

Anchors can be created with a hash sign in square brackets [#somename] and linked with normal wiki links [[#somename]] for links on the same page, and [[somewiki#somename]] for linking from other pages.

Example Template:

(taken from the plant wiki)

Used for any type of plant.

h4.Plant tags:

* [[flower]]
** [[rose]]
** [[sunflower]]
* [[grass]]
* [[holly_(plant)]]
* [[mistletoe]]
* [[potted_plant]]
* [[tree]]

h4.See also:

* [[flora_fauna]] - A broad tag for more animal-like plant creatures ("plant-animals")