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Copyright: to be continued

A phrase indicating the end of a serial installment, especially to set up a cliffhanger. For this site, it's used at the end of some comics, sometimes jokingly for false cliffhangers (in other words, it will not be continued).

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absurd_res anthro big_breasts blau_draconis blue_body breasts collar comic dialogue dragon duo english_text eyewear facial_piercing female glasses hi_res huge_breasts larger_female male mature_female multicolored_body nose_piercing nose_ring piercing size_difference smaller_male sylviajo tenting text to_be_continued two_tone_body url white_body
2020 4_breasts 4_fingers anthro arrow aurenn balls_outline big_breasts black_friday blonde_hair blue_eyes bodily_fluids bottomwear bracelet breasts brown_background bulge clothed clothing cutaway dialogue dragon english_text fingers genital_outline genitals gynomorph hair hi_res huge_breasts intersex jewelry lipstick long_hair looking_at_genitalia looking_at_penis makeup meme midriff multi_breast nipple_outline open_mouth patreon patreon_logo patron penis ponytail scalie shirt shorts signature simple_background solo speech_bubble standing sweat sweatdrop teeth text text_on_clothing text_on_shirt text_on_topwear to_be_continued tongue topwear until_it_snaps url vein veiny_penis xpray xpray_(character) yellow_body
16:9 2019 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation 5_fingers abs anal anal_penetration animated anthro anthro_penetrated back_muscles balls biceps bodily_fluids brown_body brown_fur canid canine canis circumcised cum cum_in_ass cum_inside digital_media_(artwork) duo erection fingers fur genital_fluids genitals humanoid humanoid_genitalia humanoid_on_anthro humanoid_penetrating humanoid_penetrating_anthro humanoid_penis jojo's_bizarre_adventure long_playtime male male/male male_penetrated male_penetrating male_penetrating_male mammal nude open_mouth outlast pecs penetration penis pull_out returnthis sex sound sound_warning source_filmmaker stand_and_carry_position standing standing_sex to_be_continued triceps walrider_(outlast) webm widescreen wolf wolf_(petruz)
absurd_res adopted anthro bat_wings big_hands black_body black_fur black_nose blake_fox blakefox blue_eyes candy candy_corn candy_corn_finger canid canine chiropteran cliff cliff_side clothed clothing comic comic_page comic_panel crazy_eyes cussing digital_media_(artwork) digitigrade dragon dream dreaming_of_wings ear_piercing ears_back ears_down ears_up equal_sign fangz_the_bat-dragon finger_claws fingers fluffy fluffy_tail flying food fox freaking_out fur glowing glowing_ears glowing_eyes glowing_markings goth grey_body grey_fur group hair halloween hi_res holidays hybrid insane learning learning_to_fly magic magic_user male male/male mammal markings melee_weapon membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings meme moon mountain neck_tuft night night_sky ohh_face open_mouth orange_body orange_fur piercing pink_nose pivoted_ears plus_symbol polearm push pushing razor_the_flying_fox-bat red_body red_fur shadow signature silhouette sky smile solo speach_bubble spear star starry_sky superhero text thinking to_be_continued tongue tuft weapon white_body white_fur wings yellow_body yellow_eyes yellow_fur