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unusual vore

Unusual Vore describes any kind of vore content featuring a consuming orifice or body part other than the mouth, anus, penis, or vagina. This tag should only applied to an image where the method of consumption defies any other existing tag, and is unlikely to require a specific tag due to its rarity.

Note: Some variations of vore are considered "unusual", but are relatively common enough that they have their own tag, these images do not require the Unusual Vore tag.

Unusual types of vore that have their own tag:

Some examples of unusual vore without tags include:

  • pectoral vore: a character is stored/digested within a cavity in a muscular character's pectoralis muscle, and doesn't appear to depict Absorption
  • clothing vore: where the character uses clothing as an extension of their body to consume other characters
  • abdomen vore: an arthropod character with a distinct "abdomen" storing or consuming another with that body part
  • Images where a character is consumed by a mouth growing out of unusual places such as the torso, hands or feet

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