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Fantasy is a genre of fiction that uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic is common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of (pseudo-)scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three (which are subgenres of speculative fiction).

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3d_(artwork) anthro armor axe cute_fangs digital_media_(artwork) dragon dragon_egg ender_dragon fantasy female hi_res horn jewelry mature_female melee_weapon minecraft purple_body solo video_games weapon weapon_on_shoulder zreorkui_(artist)
2017 3:4 4_toes 5_fingers angel_(viskasunya) anthro biped blue_eyes blue_pawpads blush bulge butt clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) fantasy felid fingers fur girly hair hi_res horn legwear male mammal multicolored_hair mythical open_mouth pantherine pawpads pink_body pink_fur pink_hair simple_background solo stockings stripes thigh_highs tiger toes topless torn_clothing torn_legwear torn_stockings underwear viskasunya wings
absurd_res equid equine fantasy feral forest hi_res horse male mammal solo tree
almatea anatomically_correct anatomically_correct_anus anatomically_correct_genitalia anatomically_correct_penis animal_genitalia animal_penis anus arthropod black_body black_fur black_mane brown_body brown_fur butt butterfly cloud day digital_media_(artwork) ears_back equid equine equine_anus equine_penis eunuch eyes_closed fantasy feral flower fur genitals hi_res hooves horse insect lepidopteran male mammal mane medial_ring multicolored_body multicolored_fur outside penis pivoted_ears plant pose puffy_anus signature sky solo tan_body tan_fur