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Wikipedia currently defines wind as "the flow of gases on a large scale." Rarely, wind is directly depicted in art with wispy, cloud-like trails or a toony motion line effect. Usually, however, the gases comprising wind are not directly depicted, meaning the presence of wind must instead be inferred from an invisible force appearing to act upon the objects that are depicted. To this end, wind is often simulated in art with an otherwise inexplicable raising or pushing of loose, light objects in a specific direction. Usually these objects would have been in a resting state without wind's intervention, but occasionally wind is depicted altering the expected pathing or movement of an object already in motion (e.g., falling objects, objects attached to a running character).

Sometimes magic creates wind or wind-like phenomena, and sometimes visible gases like smoke plainly convey wind's flowing of gases. Wind is a complex force with many possible manifestations. What's more, art conveys a simplified version of wind, and artists may depict wind selectively, with oversights, or inaccurately. For tagging purposes, forces which are not strictly wind but do look like it and currently lack proper organization, like lift or decompression, can also use this tag.

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