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Artist: ahornsirup

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Ahornsirup is the association of diesel_wiesel and volcanins, two artists drawing both SFW and NSFW anthro art.
They have been working together since the 22th of September of 2014.

They are the creator of the sair and the omoris species.

They have multiple original worlds, a late medieval/renaissance one featuring magic, a space one and a steam/diesel punk one with magic as well.

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2020 ahornsirup barbel_(anatomy) clothing constellation diesel_wiesel digital_media_(artwork) dragon fancy_clothing flesh_whiskers fur grey_body hair headshot_portrait hi_res horn jewelry neck_tuft no_pupils omoris portrait scalie star tuft volcanins whisker_tuft white_body white_eyes
ahornsirup anthro blue_clothing blue_eyes bottomwear brown_body brown_fur brown_hair clothed clothing cloud coat day detailed_background diesel_wiesel footwear fur gloves grass hair handwear hi_res male mammal mustela mustelid musteline outside pants path plant raining shoes short_hair sky solo standing topwear tree volcanins
2020 4_toes 5_fingers ahornsirup anthro brown_body brown_fur canid canine canis carpet claws diesel_wiesel digital_media_(artwork) eyes_closed female female_(lore) fingers fur furniture hair hi_res inside leaf mammal nude pine_cone sheiya_(ahornsirup) sitting sleeping sofa solo toes volcanins were werecanid werecanine werewolf white_body white_fur wolf
4_toes 5_fingers ahornsirup anthro anthro_on_anthro areola bed black_body black_hair black_sclera blue_eyes breasts claws diesel_wiesel dragon duo feathered_wings feathers female female/female fingers furniture hair hair_bun lying multicolored_body nipples no_pupils nude on_back on_bed pink_eyes sky small_breasts smile star starry_sky tail_tuft toe_claws toes tuft two_tone_body volcanins white_body white_feathers white_hair wings