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being strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems opposite to what is expected

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absurd_res aggressive_retsuko ailurid anthro baggy_clothing bedhead beverage bottomless clothed clothing clothing_lift curvy_figure erect_nipples female genitals hi_res irony mammal nipple_outline nipple_slip nipples parody pussy raised_arm raised_tail red_panda retsuko sanrio shirt shirt_lift solo tea topwear waking_up wide_hips xoti_(artist)
ambiguous_gender anthro bandanna bandanna_only building clothing comparing duo eye_contact feral flag flagpole house irony kerchief kerchief_only looking_at_another mostly_nude nervous_smile nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémon_mystery_dungeon raichu size_difference smile smirk smug swampert teeterglance video_games
<3 <3_eyes black_horn black_tail blush bodily_fluids breasts clothed clothing demon english_text exposed_breasts female fingering genital_fluids hair hand_in_panties hand_in_underwear helltaker hi_res horn humanoid irony legwear light_skin long_hair masturbation modeus_(helltaker) navel nipples not_furry panties phone pointed_tail pussy_juice red_clothing red_sweater red_topwear sharp_teeth simple_background slugbox solo spade_tail spread_legs spreading sweat sweater teeth text thigh_highs topwear underwear upskirt vaginal vaginal_fingering white_hair wikihow
1:1 2019 absurd_res activision anthro bandicoot big_breasts black_eyes bob_cut bottomwear breasts brown_hair clothed clothing comic crash_bandicoot_(series) detailed_background dialogue english_text eyeshadow female flyer_(pamphlet) footwear fur green_clothing green_topwear hair hi_res holding_object huge_breasts humor irony legwear lipstick liz_bandicoot makeup mammal marsupial midriff mostly_offscreen_character obese obese_anthro obese_female overweight overweight_anthro overweight_female pamphlet purple_bottomwear purple_clothing purple_eyeshadow purple_footwear purple_shoes purple_shorts red_lipstick shirt shocked shoes shorts sitting solo speech_bubble standing superspoe tan_body tan_fur tank_top text thigh_highs topwear video_games weight_gain