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Artist: eminto

Venezolan Artist that began in 2019. He does digital and traditional art, mainly based on pokémons, but he is not limited to that, he is also able to do sfw, nsfw, kinky, backgrounds and shadings with many characters. He mainly uses the mouse and fingers to draw digitally and uses Clip Studio Paint now as he used SAI and Medibang in the past.
Status: Taken
Owner of:
EmiTo the Dittozard (artist Emintor)
Draco Infinitus (artist LeChecker) the Necrozma+Aurelion
EmiTo the Derg (artist FinnFoni)

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2019 ambiguous_gender blush brown_hair christmas dittozard dragon duo eminto emito_(character) eyewear feral glasses hair hi_res holidays holly_(plant) horn kissing plant purple_body purple_skin scales scalie white_body
2019 4_fingers ampharos clothed clothing cuchufleh_(character) dittozard duo eminto emito_(character) eyewear feral fingers glasses hat headgear headwear hi_res horn kissing male necktie nintendo partially_clothed pokémon pokémon_(species) purple_body purple_skin signature simple_background video_games
2019 3_toes 4:3 4_fingers ahegao anal anal_penetration balls blush bodily_fluids bottomless bulge bulge_grab cave charizard clothed clothing crystal cum cum_inside dittozard duo eminto emito_(character) eyewear feral fin fingers fire genital_fluids genitals glasses green_eyes handjob hi_res horn internal knot looking_pleasured lying male male/male mega_charizard mega_charizard_y mega_evolution mega_stone mostly_nude nintendo on_back open_mouth partially_clothed paws penetration penile pokémon pokémon_(species) precum scarf sex shaonics silver_eyes simple_background smile smirk tailwag toes tongue tongue_out video_games wings
2019 ambiguous_gender anthro clothed clothing doctor_who eminto eyewear feathers friendship_is_magic glasses hasbro hat headgear headwear hi_res leaf leaf_ears monster my_little_pony partially_clothed signature simple_background solo sonic_screwdriver timber timberwolf_(mlp) what_has_magic_done what_has_science_done wood_body