Artist: riftskeen

Swedish illustrator best known for her commission work for jschlatt and the Sleep Deprived Podcast.

Her sona is a black-furred hybrid creature with a white mask.

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16:9 2023 abs abstract_background ambiguous_gender angry ankle_grab anthro anthrofied apandah bear biceps big_pecs bovid caprine censored_face dangling electricity giant_panda group hi_res holding_another human humor larger_male leg_grab lightning male male_(lore) mammal mikasacus muscular muscular_anthro muscular_male official_art open_mouth pecs pink_body rammie_(jschlatt) riftskeen sheep size_difference sleep_deprived_podcast smaller_ambiguous smaller_male surprised teeth trio upset wide_eyed widescreen
16:9 2023 :3 ambiguous_gender angry anthro apandah arson bear blue_clothing blue_sweater blue_topwear bottomless bovid bovid_horn building caprine caprine_horn clothed clothing door duo fire giant_panda grass head_tuft hi_res holding_match horn house humor male male_(lore) mammal match microsoft minecraft mojang official_art open_mouth open_smile outside pink_body plant ram_horn rammie_(jschlatt) riftskeen sheep sky sleep_deprived_podcast smile smug sparkles sweater teeth toony topwear tuft widescreen wood xbox_game_studios
16:9 2023 accessory ambiguous_gender animated_skeleton anthro anthrofied apandah armor aztrosist beach bear beard bodily_fluids bone bovid bovid_horn caprine caprine_horn censored_face clinging clothing collarbone detailed_background facial_hair fur giant_panda group headband headgear helmet hi_res holding_object holding_torch horn human humanoid island looking_down looking_up male male_(lore) mammal mikasacus official_art outside palm_tree pink_body plant ram_horn rammie_(jschlatt) riftskeen sand scared sea sheep shirt skeleton skull sky sleep_deprived_podcast spacesuit spiral_eyes sweat tank_top topwear torch torn_clothing torn_topwear trans_(lore) trans_woman_(lore) tree undead vines water white_body white_fur widescreen
2020 animal_crossing anthro bag bottomwear bovid bovid_horn brown_body brown_fur brown_theme businesswear button_(fastener) canid canine caprine caprine_horn clothed clothing coin crossover duo eyes_closed feet footwear fur hand_on_shoulder hi_res holding_bag horn jacket male mammal markings necktie nintendo open_mouth open_smile pants paws raccoon_dog ram_horn rammie_(jschlatt) riftskeen schlattcoin sheep shirt shoes shorts simple_background smile smplive suit tail tan_background tanuki tom_nook_(animal_crossing) topwear white_body white_fur