traffic hearts

A symbol associated with the Life SMP series - three colored hearts in red, yellow and green, representing the series's lives system. It looks similar to a traffic light.

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2022 3rd_life_smp ambiguous_gender animal_humanoid avian avian_humanoid bird_humanoid border card character_name cloak clothed clothing cube domestic_cat domestic_pet duo english_text feathered_wings feathers felid feline felis female_(lore) feral fur goodtimeswithscar grey_body grey_fur grian hand_focus heart_symbol holding_another holding_object hood_up human humanoid jellie_(goodtimeswithscar) life_smp luminous_slime macaw_humanoid male male_(lore) mammal nails one_eye_closed parrot_humanoid pawpads paws scar scarlet_macaw_humanoid smile text traffic_hearts white_body white_border white_fur wings
2022 ahoge ambiguous_gender animal_humanoid animal_legs ara_(genus) avian avian_feet avian_humanoid beak big_wings bird bird_humanoid bottomwear brown_eyes brown_hair carrying_another claws clothed clothing cloud darkness_an digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) domestic_pet dot_eyes duo feathered_wings feathers feral fingerless_gloves furries_with_pets gloves grian hair handwear head_wings heart_symbol hermitcraft hi_res holding_map humanoid life_smp looking_down macaw macaw_humanoid male messenger_bag multicolored_body multicolored_feathers neotropical_parrot on_shoulder pants parrot parrot_humanoid pesky_bird red_clothing red_sweater red_topwear scarlet_macaw scarlet_macaw_humanoid shaded shoulder_bag sky smile sweater tail tail_feathers topwear traffic_hearts true_parrot winged_humanoid wings
2023 abstract_background alternate_costume alternate_form alternate_species blue_outline book brown_background brown_body brown_cape brown_clothing brown_fur brown_hair cape cat_taur claws clothed clothed_male clothed_taur clothing crossdressing crowwithhorns digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) domestic_cat dress english_text feet felid felid_taur feline feline_taur felis flower fur goodtimeswithscar green_clothing green_dress green_eyes hair hat headgear headwear heart_symbol hi_res holding_book holding_object human human_torso humanoid_taur life_smp male male_taur mammal mammal_taur microsoft minecraft mojang official_alternate_costume one_leg_up outline paws plant quadruped raised_leg reference_image saddle secret_life_smp shirt simple_background smile solo standing sunflower tail taur taurification taurified text topwear traffic_hearts watermark white_clothing white_shirt white_topwear xbox_game_studios