awareness ribbon

Ribbons worn to symbolize and raise awareness to a particular cause, such as a disease or mental health issue. Ribbons should both be tagged by their color (as with generic ribbons) and the cause they raise awareness for.

Some colors of ribbon represent multiple things. See Wikipedia's list for more information.

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1:1 2022 ambiguous_gender anatid anseriform avian awareness_ribbon badboyhalo bird black_body black_hair black_skin blue_body blush bovid bovine bow_ribbon brown_body brown_fur brown_hair cancer_awareness clothing costume crown demon demon_humanoid diamond_block domestic_cat dream_(youtuber) duck duck_costume elemental_creature elemental_humanoid english_text eyes_closed felid feline felis female_(lore) femboy feral fingerless_gloves fur gem gem_creature georgenotfound_(youtuber) gloves group hair hand_holding handwear happy headgear holding_object holding_plushie horn horned_humanoid human humanoid humanoid_pointy_ears kigurumi luminous_slime lying male male_(lore) mammal mc_championship microsoft minecraft minecraft_block mineral_fauna mineral_humanoid mojang not_furry_focus on_back one_eye_closed onesie oversized_sleeves patches_(dream) paws pin_button plushie real_world rubber_duck sarcoma_awareness_ribbon skeppy smile smiley_face star tabby_cat text tongue tongue_out whiskers xbox_game_studios yak yellow_onesie yellow_ribbon yellow_theme
annoyed anthro autism autism_awareness_ribbon autistic awareness_ribbon balls balls_on_ground banner being_watched big_balls bite bodily_fluids clothing coat crowd_scene cum cum_on_ground cum_pool cumming_at_viewer d-rat ejaculation eyes_closed fur genital_fluids genitals gloves grey_background grey_body grey_fur grin group hand_on_penis handwear hi_res kneeling lockedsdcard looking_at_another looking_pleasured looking_surprised male mammal masturbation murid murine penis pink_tail public_masturbation puzzle_piece rat rodent rubbing_penis simple_background smile solo_focus tail tail_hold tail_holding_flag thick_penis tongue tongue_bite topwear white_clothing white_gloves white_handwear world_autism_awareness_day wristband yellow_clothing yellow_coat yellow_fedora yellow_topwear
2024 anthro ask_blog awareness_ribbon big_breasts breast_cancer_awareness breast_cancer_awareness_ribbon breasts cancer_awareness charity charity_information cleavage cleavage_cutout clothed clothing cutout digital_media_(artwork) domestic_cat english_text eyebrows eyewear felid feline felis female fingers galacticmichi glasses green_eyes hair holding_breast huge_breasts inner_ear_fluff katrina_fowler long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal open_mouth open_smile pink_ribbon round_glasses smile solo speech_bubble tail talking_to_viewer text tuft url wearing_glasses
anthro autism_awareness_ribbon awareness_ribbon bovid caprine deltarune duo english_text eyewear female glasses goat hail human kris_(deltarune) male mammal oddly_specific_shirts_(meme) pavzi shaded simple_shading smile text toriel undertale_(series) xenopavilia