cleaning tool

Refers to tools and supplies meant to remove unwanted substances from an object or location for the purposes of hygiene and cleanliness.


The following tags are aliased to this tag: cleaning_tools (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: holding_cleaning_tool, squeegee, vacuum_cleaner, mop, feather_duster, broom (learn more).

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2024 absurd_res alchemical_symbol alchemy alternate_species ambiguous_gender anthro bat beady_eyes belly biped bottomless broom cleaning_tool clothed clothing comic demon dialogue digitigrade duo english_text eyes_closed floating floppy_ears flying fur gear glowing half-closed_eyes hammer happy hi_res holding_object horn imp jewelry long_image male mammal medallion narrowed_eyes open_mouth pawpads paws pear-shaped_figure red_eyes scheming sculpting sculpture shirt sleeveless_sweater smile sound_effects sparkles statue summoning suti_(sutihukka) sutihukka symbol tail tail_tuft tall_image text tools topwear tuft tufted_fur white_body white_fur wide_hips wings x_eyes
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2:3 ambiguous_gender broom claws cleaning_tool comic dandelion digit_ring dragon duo english_text feathered_wings feathers finger_claws flower fur furred_dragon furred_scalie grass hi_res inside jewelry mythological_creature mythological_scalie mythology orange_body outside phoebe_(wooled) plant ring rug scalie shrub solo_focus stone_wall text tree wall_(structure) wedding_ring white_body white_fur wings wooled
1:1 ambiguous_gender anthro broom cleaning_tool clothed clothing detailed_background different_strokes_gallery digital_media_(artwork) dress_shirt frostyanthony fur lagomorph leporid mammal oekaki orange_body orange_fur pattern_clothing pink_inner_ear plant rabbit shaded shirt solo sparkles striped_clothing stripes topwear whiskers