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Species: taur

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A multi-legged character whose lower body is that of a feral creature, and the upper body of an anthro, human, or humanoid. Based on the centaur, a creature from Greek mythology.

Note that taurs are their own category and shouldn't be tagged as anthro, feral, human, or humanoid.

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The following tags implicate this tag: human_taur, scalie_taur, arthropod_taur, avian_taur, marine_taur, pokémon_taur, digimon_taur, dragon_taur, sergal_taur, humanoid_taur, anthro_on_taur, human_on_taur, taur_on_taur, feral_on_taur, humanoid_on_taur, multi_taur, long_taur, hextaur, taur_penetrating, male_on_taur, female_on_taur, intersex_on_taur, ambiguous_on_taur, taurification, amphibian_taur, smaller_taur, larger_taur, mammal_taur, taur_pred, taur_prey, gastropod_taur, taur_penetrated, unicorn_taur (learn more).

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