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Topic: Topless/bottomless = clothed?

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Sorrowless said:
What about the cases where you can't see the other half of the character?

Ether one automatically implies that the other half is clothed if both where clothless then nude is used. Another one of those things that you don't see but is considered assumed like the sex/gender tags applying to clothed character that arnt clear.

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Though we don't know whether the character is nude or not. Tagging top or bottomless could work on those cases because that is what the words literally mean.

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From the topless wiki page (emphasis mine):

Images or animations depicting a character who is wearing clothing over the lower half of their body, but not the upper half.

The bottomless wiki page is similar.

So, if you can't see the other half, topless and bottomless aren't supposed to be tagged.

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