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Sticky: NEW "Do we have a tag for that" thread page 34 ChemistryNoisy Circeus 2536
Sticky: NEW Tag Projects page 5 Sorrowless ajk 358
Sticky: NEW PSA: How to add new artist/character/species tags munchmallow-frosty NotMeNotYou 67
NEW Have you noticed all the recent wiki page changes? DimoretPinel Wolfmanfur 1
NEW pencil disambiguation faucet user 22273 3
NEW help archive artist URL(s) (using Wayback Machine, or other) to help find new URLs for those artists ListerTheSquirrel ListerTheSquirrel 29
NEW Female Tags Clean Up alphamule Waller 3
NEW How would I ban two tags for blacklist, but keep them together alphamule TheBadBlender 5
NEW "Anatomically_Correct" tag needs rework Milabue Ryke 7
NEW is gender even TWYS Milabue Appelsaus 41
NEW cum_from_urethra clarification? Fluffermutt Fluffermutt 2
NEW vore and imminent_death Cow of Fire SCTH 2
NEW Tag Type Request: Location \ Setting faucet Waller 3
NEW mawshots rating abadbird Dinbyy 2
NEW Improper tags alphamule blackchameleon 3
NEW do i add the tag 'source_request' when a verified artist posts a drawing? alphamule Wolfmanfur 1
NEW Can't Remove From Post (pt2) auto moderator ThetaDelter 11
NEW I Feel Like The Sound Tag Is Being Abused SuperSniperEagleMan SuperSniperEagleMan 10
NEW How hybrids with mammalian characteristics should be handled under non-mammal_breasts? Vulpes Artifex Waydence 7
NEW Incorrect Rating Lock Watsit JadeJuno 1
NEW question about princess peach Vulpes Artifex tobi or not tobi 9
NEW Missing \ Damaged Tooth \ Teeth Clean Up Discussion Waller Waller 1
NEW [Beta] Lore Tags Crowdsourcing page 3 KnoxTheRoo NotMeNotYou 213
NEW Could the "big-eared opossum" have its own tag in the future? Cloudpie m3g4p0n1 3
NEW Search-page tagging? cephalopodica cephalopodica 2
NEW Cum Colors opinions Waller Waller 3
NEW Bustyboy and similar tags removed? Bring it back. Watsit BossLeader 11
NEW Color “:” tag/search? TheBadBlender TheBadBlender 2
NEW Meaning of "colored" tag Watsit DimoretPinel 11
NEW Rivet and Trans Tagging page 4 (locked) Rainbow Dash TheDragonRider 239
NEW Is there a way to separate "~" tags? savageorange BubbaBasher 9
NEW How prominent should claws (and other things ig lol) be before tagging them? Watsit NNMaya 3
NEW fair_argument_(meme) vs thump_(meme) Watsit DiligentDragon 2
NEW Why does the doggystyle tag not apply to ferals? Also, why does missionary_position require both partners to be lying? Cardboard Boxers Cardboard Boxers 3
NEW These species names are a headache, part 2 (BURs are up!) auto moderator Strikerman 43
NEW Gendered form tags being reinstated? Watsit Bill Furray 1
NEW We should seriously reconsider what is vore and what is not. Qwaxi~Lixard Wolfmanfur 39
NEW New Meta Tag Suggestion sipothac Waller 5
NEW Re: "audio_effects": Differentiating between "sound" videos that *just* have MUSIC and "sound" videos with ACTUAL SOUND EFFECTS TheVillageIdiot TheVillageIdiot 2
NEW New tag for stuff that is interactive or a game? sipothac KoldStratum 2