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Sticky: NEW Tag Projects page 3 darryus ajk 154
Sticky: NEW [Beta] Lore Tags Crowdsourcing page 3 MagnusEffect NotMeNotYou 152
Sticky: NEW PSA: How to add new artist/character/species tags bitWolfy NotMeNotYou 19
Sticky: NEW [Beta] Help us find our transgender tags page 4 savageorange NotMeNotYou 232
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NEW "Do we have a tag for that" thread page 22 darryus Circeus 1615
NEW holding_x vs hand_on_x urielfrys urielfrys 14
NEW Is anthro_skunk a valid tag? Kemonophonic Googlipod 4
NEW Meta Tag Suggestions D.D.M. NotUncommon 41
NEW best tag for Art the parrot character? Clawstripe ListerTheSquirrel 5
NEW Elora's (From Spyro) NOT a Goat! bitWolfy Davepetasprite 45
NEW What tag to use for this...? GreyCore GreyCore 41
NEW Fortnite: The Team Leader Skins, are they allowed if they look like In-Game? Strikerman Davepetasprite 5
NEW New tags discussion page 9 darryus Circeus 625
NEW Cant find blips Sharp Coyote ShamelessFox 6
NEW anatomically_correct tags and sheathed animals hamsterboy hamsterboy 2
NEW The ych_(character) tag Vulkalu faucet 5
NEW The netorare and nakadashi question vex714 vex714 2
NEW Does the site care about position tagging? Vulkalu MagnusEffect 28
NEW Delete some tags? Unicode Entities for non-ASCII artists. kalider kalider 9
NEW Ugly Bastard Clawstripe Shitsandgiggles 11
NEW Lore tags AGiant AGiant 18
NEW Aliases for unique character tags? Watsit exec 5
NEW Tag Suggestion: "withdrawn_consent" hailrazers hailrazers 0
NEW First Person Talking to Viewer Tagging Question tittybitty tittybitty 4
NEW hitachi_magic_wand tag is correct? Kemonophonic alphamule 1
NEW How does one go about creating a brand new tag? Strikerman Sputty 1
NEW Will there ever be an ability to crop a post before setting it as an avatar? Mairo smocktobot 2
NEW Tag for dead links Munkelzahn Munkelzahn 2
NEW Should handjob_while_penetrating be aliased or implicated to reach_around? darryus Joedere 1
NEW Mistakenly Flagged DNP Ratte Wrenly Bewick 1
NEW New Proposed Tag(s): becoming_erect_while_penetrated plus derivatives CrocoGator pewdiecrustlesspie 3
NEW Can we make ship/otp names a thing here? TheGreatWolfgang NostalgiaRabbit 2
NEW Tag Discussion: Focus/Shot/Close-up & Subtags tittybitty TheGreatWolfgang 9
NEW Unclear/no TWYS rules on art style Siral Exan kalider 6
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NEW What to do about these animal_humanoid tag implications? D.D.M. D.D.M. 0
NEW Tags for solo intersex? Shiitake Shiitake 2
NEW Keep or kill the "lovesex" tag? Genjar FoxyBomb 5
NEW Does the clothing/clothes tag belong on this post? Jacob ShamelessFox 3