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Topic: *topwear/*bottomwear implications

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I noticed these tags have been circulating lately, but we haven't had a formal discussion on them.

I believe color tags for specific articles of clothing (such as panties, bras, coats, etc. - example black_panties) are, to quote another user, excessive and unnecessary. However, topwear/bottomwear tags may be used as umbrella terms for narrowing searches in the future, especially after the specific clothing tags are aliased to their respective topwear/bottomwear variants.

But just so we don't get stuck on arguing over their utility, let's only talk about their possible implications.

Both of these lists may possibly be incomplete.

We can (probably) safely implicate clothing to most of these topwear/bottomwear variants.


fishnet_topwear -> fishnet
fishnet_bottomwear -> fishnet

transparent_topwear -> transparent_clothing
transparent_bottomwear -> transparent_clothing

striped_topwear -> stripes
striped_bottomwear -> stripes

polka_dots_topwear -> polka_dots
polka_dots_bottomwear (0 posts) -> polka_dots

tight_topwear -> tight_clothing
tight_bottomwear -> tight_clothing

shiny_topwear -> shiny
shiny_bottomwear -> shiny

torn_topwear -> torn_clothing
torn_bottomwear -> torn_clothing

side-tie_bottomwear -> whatever tag we use to describe clothing with string-ties, like bikinis. A useful tag IMO

wrapped_topwear -> wraps
wrapped_bottomwear (0 posts) -> wraps

If you would like to suggest any other implications, or if you would like to update the list with every possible color variation, please do so.

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