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DinosaursGoRawr said:
Can somebody give me art advice, My artstyle is fairly toony but not too toony combined with anime.

There is no easy advice, I'm afraid. For what you're asking, at the very least, I would find artists who do what you want to do, then try to emulate their style. If you have the money, I would take classes, as they force you to improve.

In the end, it all comes down to hours, days, weeks, months, and years of practicing.

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Advice in what? In growing and developing more? If so I suggest to look at references from real life. Do art studies, practice shading, and overall just practice and time will aid in you getting better and growing as an artist.

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Can you do realism though?

Not saying toony is bad, *am* saying realism is one of the best stress tests of your artistic skill, so it's a way to help you figure out what is most lacking.

Study from RL (not photos; even 'good' photos tend to have serious artistic problems.). Study in lots of ways with lots of mediums (but one at a time, don't make things confusing).

Nail down your drafting skills, with the help of a book (I recommend Robertson's "How to draw", which despite its ambiguous title is about drafting and perspective). Not that complicated, but really requires a lot of carefully directed practice to get to an intuitive level with it.

Figure out a low effort way to log your time drawing, so you can quantify it and thereby be motivated to increase it. Stopwatch + notebook is a good start.

*Slowly* trickle in some decent educational content, books: Andrew Loomis, George Bridgman, Harold Speed; videos: Proko, moatddtutorials. Point is not to 'solve' your problems, but to keep you from sliding into a rut, and keep oriented on the goal of artistic improvement.

Develop the ability to draw from memory. It's ridiculously useful and leads to things like being able to draw other views than the one you actually saw in the reference.

Its difficult to tell how useful the above advice will be, but I think it may be a bit more actionable than simply 'practice a lot'

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