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Sticky: NEW Find The Artist/Source/Image Request Thread page 32 Fliphook supermarcopolo 2351
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NEW Should i study art on E621 ?, there are so many diverse artist here Arrow189 CallmeGuts 1
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NEW What resolution do you draw with? Wolfmanfur m3g4p0n1 11
NEW Any free text-to-speech suggestions (for someone with garbage eyesight)? The-Gnoll-Scribe The-Gnoll-Scribe 2
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NEW Uploading content from Patreon if the artist's Patreon is defunct? Donovan DMC suteebaid 5
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NEW Sound effects sipothac Kemrel Walker 1
NEW Looking to get cub comms, any go to artists or communities? MkLXIV Skyler0w0 5
NEW Why so many great arts get very low upvote/favorite? MkLXIV jonathanwolf 21
NEW SheezyART 2.0 AlexYorim AlexYorim 5
NEW Artists: What was the worst thing you've been commissioned to draw? (Or outright say NOPE) The-Gnoll-Scribe The-Gnoll-Scribe 2
NEW If a post gets rejected for quality issues, what's the proper way to fix those issues and get it approved? nunyabidness2 EEEEEvil ESTK 7
NEW Coloring the art of a deceased artist alphamule Furrycheetah 4
NEW My block list- whats yours? page 4 WarHugo Nosret 264
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NEW My first forum post Strikerman blackccatz 8
NEW When is the right time to host a YCH after doing a few number of commissions? AlexYorim AlexYorim 1
NEW Need some oc KoredeX KoredeX 0
NEW Anyone know any anime artist on this website? Bananafan Bananafan 0
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NEW Patreon and Ko-fi Questions - Using them as a Tipjars and Repository for Challenges DefinitelyNotAFurry4 AlexYorim 6
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NEW Marvin the martian from duck dodgers counts as human? alphamule Kriasoulstealer 11
NEW I lost the image (it may have been deleted) Dripen Arn zxcghool 7
NEW What site/payment processor will allow furry porn? AnimalitoDelBosque Grey Scale Dragon 9
NEW What program do a lot of furry artist use anyway? alphamule Gayfur 13