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Topic: e621 ReBot

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e621 ReBot

e621 ReBot is a tool primarily aimed to make your life uploading easier.



  • Grab posts or entire galleries from your favorite artist with a single button click
  • Simple upload (or download) of those images
  • Automatically checks if the image has already been uploaded
  • Automatically applies meta tags
  • You can set Artist aliases so it will also automatically tag the artist
  • Easy superior image upload, it will transfer children, notes, tags and flag the old post for you
  • Autocomplete dropdown as you type in the tags
  • Download single post, pools, pages or "all tags" from e621
  • Coverts Pixiv Ugoira and videos to WebM (one click download or upload)


  • Windows
  • .Net 4.6(+)
  • C++ 2015



Latest and greatest version has been released. Works rather good now and has lots of new features so there's no longer need to call it a beta.

Join the release boys and girls.

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