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NEW false deletion noticed? deletion does not accurately point out deletion reason Versperus Baxter semen 1
NEW RE621 [v.1.5.62] Feature-packed toolkit and mass downloader for e621 page 13 B100dh4nd bitWolfy 954
NEW e621 mobile version page 3 Kemonophonic cuberope 193
NEW Question regarding site features sipothac baconmeh 4
NEW Creating a tag peacethroughpower greybeans62 1
NEW How to undo complaint ticket WeRideAtDawn Sbeewun 1
NEW Userscript to automatically convert Twitter image URLs to the full "orig" size bitWolfy Song 3
NEW Can You Report Scammers on E621? (locked) Cinder Bonk6 1
NEW [API C#] Login from different users Earlopain Sold 9
NEW Blacklist Rainbow Dash Tvguy1991 16
NEW Idem's Sourcing Suite - A collection of tools to make sourcing easier Versperus Idem 27
NEW Tails – e621 browsing app for iOS [v2.2.1 – June Update and Patch] Safo Safo 15
NEW A "stroke to the beat" slideshow viewer with too much feature-creep. FizzLover1 ailurus 47
NEW DB Export Parsing Suite (for Python 3.10+) wat8548 wat8548 9
NEW How to give feedback to others? SCTH user 1595630 2
NEW A upload of mine was Replaced wat8548 Scakk 8
NEW Why do moderators or other high ranks have art that’s from different artists in their uploads list? alphamule N00d1es 33
NEW How do you "Follow" an artist? CAN you even do that? Magikarp N00d1es 5
NEW Is there a way to view posts you've upvoted, not favorited? N00d1es N00d1es 3
NEW e621 Downloader made in Rust that can download sets, pools, bulk posts, and single posts! page 2 MagnusEffect McSib 80
NEW e621 posts replacer jonathanwolf jonathanwolf 2
NEW Tool to convert parent chains to pools Zeorp SCTH 8
NEW Furbitron - stats for e621 and other furry art sites wat8548 Furbitron 34
NEW Pool tagging Lafcadio virial23 6
NEW e305 - Yet Another (Unofficial) e621 Mobile App. [Android] binaryfloof Archid 22
NEW Q: how to embed links in text properly (am on mobile) Siral Exan Baxter semen 3
NEW Tools for better data metrics faucet Zerox3D 8
NEW SixGrid - Desktop App bjorkin bjorkin 9
NEW e1547: a sophisticated e621 browser for android/ios page 2 savageorange binaryfloof 109
NEW How exactly do you use the api? Alteria Alteria 3
NEW smash or pass for e621. CrocoGator makrin 5
NEW AI sites are using e621 to steal art and generate images. (locked) Cinder JohnWolfShepard 37
NEW API: Comment search by date not supported? Donovan DMC kora viridian 3
NEW Share your re621 tag suggestions Catt0s 0fTheNight m3g4p0n1 1
NEW How to get a post's comments using the API Donovan DMC definitely-not-furry 7
NEW Obtaining post favorites via API (locked) bitWolfy neetsh 3
NEW ShadyGuy's Userscripts and other Stuff Catt0s 0fTheNight ShadyGuy 1
NEW AutoPlay: for binging videos hands-free Chase12345 SethVeeper 5
NEW Python script that lists when a post change has been undone m3g4p0n1 m3g4p0n1 2
NEW Blacklist Exceptions? just lurking LendriMujina 4