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Title Last Post Created Replies
NEW RE621 [1.3.16] (userscript) - a feature-packed toolkit and mass downloader for e621 page 3 bitWolfy Earlopain 199
NEW e1547: e621+e926 mobile app Updated. binaryfloof binaryfloof 61
NEW another e621 favorite downloader eeveelutions-party eeveelutions-party 2
NEW e621 ReBot AoBird AoBird 3
NEW [Userscript and webextension] e621 downloader and scrapper tysh1 tysh1 13
NEW Unknown issue with "create post" feature of API AoBird SpruceMarten 5
NEW The current state of the API bitWolfy toxicisblue96 1
NEW A "stroke to the beat" slideshow viewer with too much feature-creep. ramjetrifle ailurus 10
NEW Accidentally Flagged the Wrong Page AoBird ThatLeaf 1
NEW eSix Extend (V3.02) - A script that does good stuff to your user experience! page 9 Annon-Guy Xch3l 665
NEW e621 Pool Downloader (HTML/JavaScript) (by Nova_Resonance) bitWolfy Nova Resonance 6
NEW Custom CSS - Galaxy Theme V 0.7 OurYiffZone OurYiffZone 1
NEW How to appeal uploads Strikerman dragon soldier321 1
NEW Updated Post Suggester? Avoonix CherenTheCat 6
NEW [Outdated] e621 Redesign Fixes (v.2.0.9) page 2 frans7 bitWolfy 147
NEW [1.11] Material e621 ohbeans69 ethereal-wolf 19
NEW e621 Downloader made in Rust that can download sets, pools, bulk posts, and single posts! McSib McSib 30
NEW e305 - Yet Another (Unofficial) e621 Mobile App. [Android] Archid Archid 4
NEW [Plugin] umami : A browser extension for e621 serebel wolfgang senizen 26
NEW E621 Pool Swimmer - Navigate Pools with arrow keys mrnobodyman mrnobodyman 21
NEW e621 mobile version page 3 c3PwuApk cuberope 176
NEW Unpleased about keyboard shortcuts Sirderpington th 3rd Nikkoho 4
NEW why cant you use keyboard shortcuts when using certain tags Sirderpington th 3rd Sirderpington th 3rd 0
NEW Handling SSL Certificates? mrox mrox 3
NEW Need a Tag switching. Janus Kitsune Janus Kitsune 2
NEW Favouriting posts via the API? PwrPigeon PwrPigeon 2
NEW e621 Discord Bot helloindex Phun 2
NEW Css command help. Sorsin Sorsin 2
NEW Tails – an e621 app for iOS shadethecrow Safo 4
NEW iOS WebM Viewer Website - Anyone with a good PC (preferably Nvidia 10-Series and up) wanna try? APTheHunter APTheHunter 0
NEW Grabbing comments with API? Omnyx Omnyx 4
NEW m621 for Android (Updated!) - Search/view posts, pool support, pool update notifications & more! ErrorFerret ErrorFerret 40
NEW Need help to add user-agent(additional information) to userscript. bitWolfy tysh1 1
NEW e6py-v2: an e621 batch post downloader with authentication support, written in Python 3. OregonTrail OregonTrail 0
NEW E621 downloader ? lurkbbs Shanala 17
NEW Researching for make a tool Lafcadio dienei 1
NEW Bash e621 downloader and dumper tysh1 tysh1 9
NEW Booru Slideshow Chrome/Firefox Extension albert12 Chirmaya 20
NEW YiffBrowse (Android/Windows App) albert12 JustAlexFurry 8
NEW Booru Pool Downloader albert12 Chirmaya 18