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Title Last Post Created Replies
NEW e621 ReBot v2 RakuStrike AoBird 64
NEW e621 AutoViewer (Automatic Slideshow with minimum UI) kora viridian TheLeithey 8
NEW Favorite Pools/Sets (UserScript) DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 0
NEW [SOVLED] TagMe error (Cannot read properties of null) Slocheze Slocheze 0
NEW discord bot for e621 mass search & embed Qwerty1911919 Subber 2
NEW TagMe error (Cannot read properties of null) Slocheze Slocheze 0
NEW Visual Tagger v1.7.0 - Now with custom aliases DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 8
NEW Uncompressed E621 Mirror (browser extension) DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 0
NEW RE621 [v.1.5.68] Feature-packed toolkit and mass downloader for e621 page 14 atomicBlaze21 bitWolfy 977
NEW E621 Advanced Search DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 16
NEW Tails – e621 browsing app for iOS [v2.2.1 – June Update and Patch] HubbenDubben Safo 16
NEW Quick question: How do i comment pictures of images? N00d1es N00d1es 3
NEW A "stroke to the beat" slideshow viewer with too much feature-creep. JadeJuno ailurus 48
NEW E621 Extended search utility (With a nice GUI) pierogi z miesem pierogi z miesem 2
NEW Hello, can someone give me a hint. druss hb Roy Batty 4
NEW e621 Downloader made in Rust that can download sets, pools, bulk posts, and single posts! page 2 Roy Batty McSib 85
NEW Add tags to another person post? (locked) Donovan DMC KittySummoner 4
NEW TagMe! [v.1.0.11] Tag Project Assistant page 2 savageorange bitWolfy 112
NEW Can you find how many items match a search? DefinitelyNotAFurry4 Alteria 1
NEW How can I randomly scroll through my favorites? N00d1es N00d1es 9
NEW Wanted to upload WEBM but they are duplicates TheGreatWolfgang DarkAngelOfLight 10
NEW Idem's Sourcing Suite - A collection of tools to make sourcing easier ShadyGuy Idem 30
NEW Using a get request on posts.json throws an error no matter what I do DefinitelyNotAFurry4 Alteria 6
NEW Walltaker: Let others choose e621 posts for your wallpaper! ailurus ailurus 18
NEW Furbitron - stats for e621 and other furry art sites Furbitron Furbitron 0
NEW bumping feature on commenting Hexen canabananalism 1
NEW Image Comparer DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 0
NEW Mass Unfavoriter DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 7
NEW E621 Query Post Counter DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DefinitelyNotAFurry4 0
NEW Question: Does a database exist for post information on this site? alphamule Picky Yiffer 3
NEW Hiding own comments Floofity scoop Floofity scoop 2
NEW How do you use the API to get the file for a post with a specific ID? alphamule Alteria 3
NEW Is there an easier way to check a twitter media history beyond the twitter limits? alphamule Doda58 10
NEW e621 updater - tag local files! page 2 AyoKeito AyoKeito 124
NEW Fluffle - Reverse image search service EarthFurst2 Noppes 36
NEW db_export missing data? alphamule GreenHeartDemon 3
NEW Preview resolution FluffyDumbo FluffyDumbo 2
NEW [Plugin] umami : A browser extension for e621 iliketigers wolfgang senizen 47
NEW ShadyGuy's Userscripts and other Stuff ShadyGuy ShadyGuy 3
NEW re621 mass downloader bitWolfy qg 2