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Topic: Request for an order picture

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Hello my dears,

In this request I am looking for a artist for an order picture. I hope this is the right topic for my request.
I've been a big fan of this website for years and especially the pictures from the films The Lion King.
Now I would very much like to have my own picture drawn with my favorite characters from these films.

Description of the picture:
I wish for this picture a sexy scene between the lioness Nala, her son Kion and the hyena Shenzi.
In the scene, Nala is half on her back and half on her side at the same time.
The hyena Shenzi is a bit smaller than the lioness and lies with her back snuggled close to Nala's soft belly and lovingly presses the smaller predator against her. Nala penetrates Shenzi's butt with his tail. The lioness also takes care of Shenzi's vulva. The lioness expands the hyena vulva with one of her hind paws. The clitoris of Shenzi is squeezed between two toes by Nala's hind paw and the smaller predator is painfully excited. So that Shenzi doesn't scream, Nala turns the head of the hyena with her front paw as far as it can kiss Shenzi without any problems. You can clearly see the desire for the hyena in the eyes of the lioness. Shenzi is afraid, but cannot resist the lust of her body.
But now we finally come to little Kion. The young lion licks his tongue over Shenzi's widened vulva and is obviously having fun. Kion raised his rear end and set the tail slightly to one side. In her lust Shenzi pinches the young lion in a buttock. The hyena's other front paw grabs Kion's spiky member and rubs it wildly. She also pokes a little into the hole of Kion's limb with a claw.
Meanwhile, Kion strokes Shenzi's stomach with one of his front paws.

Now a few words from me about the background. The three are in the open savanna on broad daylight. A tree is said to stand on the edge, giving the three predators some shade while enjoying themselves.

I would prefer A3 for the size of the picture. In terms of drawing style and quality, I would like the same as most of the pictures here on e621 about the Lion King. Unfortunately I only know my way around.
As far as the price and the duration of the order are concerned, I would rely entirely on the artist. Payment would then be made via PayPal.

So far everything was on my side. I hope to have piqued your interest and look forward to working with you on this assignment. Please just let me know if you want to take on the job.

You'd be best off directly contacting an artist on FurAffinity or Inkbunny, rather than waiting for one to contact you.

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