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Topic: fellas, is double_vaginal gay?

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Please excuse the meme title, this is an actual question

So if two male characters are penetrating the same orifice of a female character, their penises are rubbing together. In literally any other situation, two men rubbing their erect penises together would be super gay. The two males are sexually interacting with each other, not just with their female partner. Therefore, I think that these situations should be tagged male/male, frottage, and bisexual.

But I seem to be in the minority; the majority of posts with this situation are not tagged with male/male.

Any thoughts?

Shouldn't it get tagged as male/male if there's two males at the opposite ends of the female anyways? Even if not, double-vaginal does involve two dicks against each other (assuming there's no sex-toy involved) so it should be tagged then.

Technically, I guess? But the point is that they're boning a girl. They're not really interacting with each other, they just happen to be in the same place. It's kinda the whole "is-it-gay-if-balls-touch" thing, if taken a bit further.

Tags don't exist just to describe a picture with a 100% accuracy. Their purpose is to make finding content easier.
Someone searching for male/male probably isn't looking for a heterosexual threesome that happens to have two pairs of male genitals touching.

By that logic, double penetration (anal and vaginal) would also need to be marked male/male if the balls are touching. And that's just silly.

furrin_gok said:
Shouldn't it get tagged as male/male if there's two males at the opposite ends of the female anyways?

Why? male/male is for when two males are interacting with each other (either sexually, or with 'mating behavior'). If one's having sex with a female from behind and the other is getting a blowjob from the female, they're both interacting sexually with a female, but not each other.

However, two males DP'ing the same hole on a female would result in frotting within the vagina, which would be sexual behavior between two males and a female (or herm or andromorph), which would classify as male/male + male/female (or herm or andromorph). Personally, I could see why someone would be interested in (not) seeing that, and either want to find it, or have it blacklisted when searching for threesomes or double-penetration, so probably should be tagged if it's visibly occurring in the picture.

That said, the double_vaginal tag on its own can't imply male/male or bisexual, because it could be two females with strapons vaginally penetrating a third female, or one female with a strap on and one male, vaginally penetrating a herm. Or just one andromorph using two dildos on themself. Or something else that doesn't involve one male sexually interacting with another male and a female.

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