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Topic: Mythological bird humanoids and taurs BUR

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The bulk update request #331 is pending approval.

Reason: This should be alright. The humanoid and taur tag structure should be mostly complete after this BUR. If there is a mistake, let me know.

For reference, see roc,

The BUR is a bit hard to read. Here is a summary of the BUR.

- Adds Roc to the mythological bird list.
- Introduces the mythological_bird tag. This is intended to mirror the separation of birds, and the more humanoid / anthro / split form species.
- Organizes the mythological humanoids under the mythological_avian_humanoid tag.
- Organizes the mythological taurs (taurified at least, the taur like species aren't implicated) under the mythological_avian_taur tag.
- There are several existing implications featuring misspelled variants of hippogriff that this BUR removes. I can't alias those terms to the proper spelling versions in this BUR.


Is there a reason rain, lightning, and thunderbird are all separate? What would even be the difference, from a tagging perspective?

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