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So, a while ago, I had been browsing from a certain blue bird website, and I have been reading tweets that Sheezyart came back. Its

At first I was surprised, because there was a site called Ambience that captured the essence of Sheezy, but I went deeper into the matter and I read that it's not affiliated with the old Sheezy and the new Sheezy allows adult art.

A disclaimer that I never registered to the old Sheezyart, I only lurked at that site after learning that it banned adult content, which lead to the creation of FurAffinity. Now that the new Sheezy allows adult content, what are your thoughts about it? If history repeats itself with the new Sheezy ever bans adult content, would people flee to FA or make another adult-oriented furry website? Has the site been whitelisted for uploads to this booru?

watsit said:
Not for long, apparently:

  • 2nd January - Patreon & Ko-Fi campaigns closed
  • 1st February - Website will go into “Read-Only” mode
  • 1st March - Website will be shut down

You’ll have until March 1st to download any artwork you have on the site - thereafter you can email us on [email protected] with your sheezy account email address and we’ll send you an archive of your account content.

Seems like you can still register until February, and then request an archive of your own uploads through said account after March.

Awww... ☹️

Even though I never registered to Sheezy, it was a nostalgic trip while it lasted. I hope some benevolent dude would continue running this site of ol times sake.

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