Topic: [FAILED] ZanderRaccoon aliases BUR

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The bulk update request #2260 has been rejected.

create alias ardillacheshire (0) -> zanderraccoon (4)
create alias rocketraccoon_(artist) (1) -> zanderraccoon (4)
mass update rocketraccoon -> zanderraccoon

Reason: Same artist:
- Ardillacheshire on FA (no posts but the tag exists so we'll alias it)
- chipmunk-cody on DA
- RocketRaccoon on Picarto
- Variations on ZanderRaccon on Ko-fi, Inkbunny, Twitter

On Inkbunny "Previously known as RocketRaccoon and chipmunkCody."
To not confuse them with rocket_raccoon (the Marvel character), update but not alias rocketraccoon

EDIT: The bulk update request #2260 (forum #331241) has failed: Error: A tag alias for zanderraccoon already exists (create alias ardillacheshire -> zanderraccoon)

EDIT: The bulk update request #2260 (forum #331241) has been rejected by @slyroon.

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