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The bulk update request #4566 is pending approval.

create implication limited_build_koraidon (133) -> koraidon (846)
remove implication sprinting_build_koraidon (47) -> koraidon (846)
remove implication swimming_build_koraidon (0) -> koraidon (846)
remove implication gliding_build_koraidon (4) -> koraidon (846)
create alias koraidon_(limited_build) (0) -> limited_build_koraidon (133)
create alias koraidon_(apex_build) (0) -> apex_build_koraidon (643)
create implication low-power_mode_miraidon (76) -> miraidon (555)
remove implication drive_mode_miraidon (20) -> miraidon (555)
remove implication aquatic_mode_miraidon (0) -> miraidon (555)
remove implication glide_mode_miraidon (1) -> miraidon (555)
create alias miraidon_(low-power_mode) (0) -> low-power_mode_miraidon (76)
create alias miraidon_(ultimate_mode) (0) -> ultimate_mode_miraidon (455)

Reason: Koraidon and Miraidon can enter one of three different forms when they travel the Paldea region and two forms based on how much power they have. They can change their forms to better suit what they are doing or what terrain they are traveling over.

I had tried to request Koraidon's and Miraidon's three different forms to alias Koraidon's Limited Build and Miraidon's Low-Power Mode because they have blocking transitive relationships so I had to request to unimplicate them first


create alias sprinting_build_koraidon -> limited_build_koraidon
create alias swimming_build_koraidon -> limited_build_koraidon
create alias gliding_build_koraidon -> limited_build_koraidon
create alias drive_mode_miraidon -> low-power_mode_miraidon
create alias aquatic_mode_miraidon -> low-power_mode_miraidon
create alias glide_mode_miraidon -> low-power_mode_miraidon

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I suppose Apex Build/Ultimate Mode and Limited Build/Low-Power Mode are distinct enough to have tagged separately. Aliasing away the others makes sense in either case, since the differences are rather minor, at times just bordering on posture or activity.

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