Topic: [REJECTED] eating burger

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The bulk update request #5578 is active.

create alias eating_burger (15) -> eating_food (2376)

Reason: yeah, I agree that it's served well enough by eating_food burger.

Should it alias to eating_food or to burger? I'm leaning towards eating_food because burger seems like it'd be more obvious to tag separately.

EDIT: The bulk update request #5578 (forum #377113) has been approved by @slyroon.

Updated by auto moderator

I opened Pandora's box, didn't I. Looking back at it, perhaps this was a bad bulk request to make. Someone did bring up how overwhelming making specific tags would be.

cloudpie said:
eating_pizza implies eating_food now so I guess we are doing eating_<specific food> tags after all?

No, we aren't. I removed the implication and alias "eating_pizza" to "eating_food" because 'eating_[food]' tags are too specific to be useful.

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