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I reverted a bunch of my edits because I felt I should of made a post before making them. The edits I made had to do with tags related to missing teeth and the many tags for it. while I don't have of an opinion and will use what every tag is agree upon, I'm making a post about cleaning It as its a bit of a mess. I also included tags related to Tooth \ Teeth damage that I didn't make any edits to.

Tags in Question (with number of posts in them)

missing_tooth (314)
broken_teeth (74)
chipped_tooth (53)
knocked_out_tooth (7)
lost_tooth (5)
pulling_tooth (5)
pulling_teeth (2)
removing_tooth (2)
split_teeth (1)

Tags with no posts


Some more related tags

tooth_gap (901)
one_tooth (116)
teeth_gap (73)
single_tooth (67)
missing_teeth (58)
no_teeth (31)
toothless_mouth (27)
tooth_removal (26)
broken_tusk (21)
bad_teeth (18)
gap-toothed (12)
defanged (11)
rotten_teeth (11)
teeth_removal (11)
cavity (9)
toothache (4)
gaptooth (3)

No thoughts. I just remember puzzling over one of these posts and finding that our damaged teeth tags were a disorganized mess. I forget what or if I did anything.

Okay, some thoughts...

A tooth_gap is often smaller than an entire tooth. Missing_tooth should implicate this.

Mouth injuries are called dental trauma and include injuries to teeth, gums, tongue, lips, tooth sockets (bone), etc. I would use *_wound here while we have injury aliased to wounded. I'm not sure if we need to maintain some kind of difference between dental_* and mouth_*. They seem to mean the same things, so probably avoid using dental_*. Alternatively, oral_* could work too. But probably mouth_wound as an umbrella tag for all dental trauma, including damaged teeth.

Also, please, please don't be that guy tagging all [body_location]_[wound/pain] as "torture" (I've seen that kind of tagging in the wild). That's just really poor vocabulary. Someone can be punched in the mouth without it being torture. Repeatedly curb stomping someone's head, breaking some teeth in the process, for example, could be considered "torture" as a form of "extreme punishment," one of torture's dictionary definitions. For tagging, torture kind of has to be a present action or process, not the result of the action (physical/mental trauma). Torture should probably use the imminent_* / torture / after_* tag scheme.

Surgical tooth removal is called a dental extraction. The tongs-like medical instrument for that is forceps. Probably use tooth_extraction if this is ever present.
A broken tooth is called an enamel fracture (piece broken off). I would just tag this chipped_tooth.
A cracked tooth is called an enamel infraction (cracked but attached). I would tag this cracked_tooth whenever examples are found.
A loose tooth is called dental subluxation (loose but attached). Loose_tooth seems like the correct tag, but this situation may never come up. Perhaps for a child loosing their baby teeth.
A tooth knocked out from injury is called dental avulsion. Unlike a cracked tooth, the entire tooth is removed. The wikipedia article for this does use the term "knocked out" a lot, so knocked_out_tooth is probably actually okay. Any post with this tag should strongly indicate removal from injury and not through force. Reattaching a knocked out tooth is called reimplantation.
A healthy tooth removed by force is called tooth ablation/evulsion (surgical or force, not injury). This is probably body_modification, elective or forced.
I've been at a loss to find a tag name for any kind of tooth separated from the mouth. This is like tagging severed_* for recent injuries, in addition to tagging the injury. Maybe whole_tooth and tooth_fragment. That was tough.

Okay, I'm tired of this post/thread/topic/project lol. Don't expect anything more from me. Hope this was useful. I usually just close tab on posts I no longer want to finish.

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