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The bulk update request #5804 is pending approval.

create implication wrinkled_feet (3392) -> wrinkles (4682)
create alias wrinkled_soles (3) -> wrinkled_feet (3392) # duplicate of has blocking transitive relationships, cannot be applied through bur
create alias wrinkle (1) -> wrinkles (4682)
create implication wrinkled_penis (124) -> wrinkles (4682)
create implication wrinkled_nose (92) -> wrinkles (4682)
create alias wrinkled_skin (62) -> wrinkles (4682)
create implication wrinkled_balls (50) -> wrinkles (4682)
create implication wrinkles_in_clothes (65) -> wrinkles (4682)
create alias wrinkled (4) -> wrinkles (4682)

Reason: Here are the requests for the "wrinkles" tag.

dimoretpinel said:

Are we sure about putting clothing wrinkles in the same category as skin/bodily wrinkles? I think wrinkles is mostly used to look for aged characters.

Maybe alias wrinkles in clothing to folds in clothing to make the distinction clearer?


People looking for wrinkled clothing and people looking for wrinkled skin are not likely the same people.

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