Topic: BUR: Helluva Boss Beelzebub style update

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The bulk update request #5817 is pending approval.

mass update queen_bee-lzebub_(helluva_boss) -> beelzebub_(helluva_boss)
create alias queen_bee-lzebub_(helluva_boss) (575) -> beelzebub_(helluva_boss) (0) # duplicate of has blocking transitive relationships, cannot be applied through bur
create alias bee-lzebub_(helluva_boss) (0) -> beelzebub_(helluva_boss) (0)
create alias beelzebub_(vivzmind) (0) -> beelzebub_(helluva_boss) (0)

Reason: Beelzebub's status as a queen doesn't need to be stated in the tag, despite the "queen bee" double meaning. In-universe, she's on the same tier of "Deadly Sin" as Lucifer, Mammon, and Asmodeus. None of these other Sins have a title in their tags, so it makes sense to update Beelzebub's tag to match. It's also not worth it to separate "bee" from "lzebub" with a hyphen just because her nickname is "Bee", especially since that unnecessarily complicates the typing of the tag.


Seems fair, other characters with royalty status, such as "King Paimon Ars Goetia" doesn't not have his royalty title included in the tag.

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