Topic: Sex/Sex ordering consistency

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Consistency: Other than this case, the ordering of which sex is on which side follows the order:
maleherm -> andromorph -> gynomorph -> herm -> intersex -> male -> female -> ambiguous
-- except for the circular ones for andromorph -> gynomorph -> herm which this will resolve.
These are the rules the order is governed by:
ambiguous is last
maleherm is first
male is before female
all others are alphabetical
after this change, all of these will hold true.

Side note, making it purely alphabetical except for ambiguous would be nice..

Because of how BURs work, it cannot be done through a single BUR.
unalias andromorph/herm -> herm/andromorph
alias herm/andromorph -> andromorph/herm

Other things:
The order for form_on_form is consistent: human -> humanoid -> anthro -> feral -> taur
The order for sex_on_form is so inconsistent that some are form_on_sex - I will also aim to fix that in topic #41840


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