Topic: [PSA] All pending aliases & implications from 2021 and before have now been rejected

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As the title says, and since it's clear I'm not going to be able to remember to do it in bursts, we've now rejected all older pending aliases and implications to unclog the queue a little and let new requests be made instead.

Important to note, all the rejected requests can be remade, either with new parts or identical ones. If anyone got rejected that you believe to still be applicable, please remake it and we'll hopefully be able to deal with it this time around.

For everyone's convenience here are the ones that have been rejected, sorted by year:

Rejected Aliases
Rejected Implications

Updated by slyroon

Protip: if you want to keep the thread for the old alias/implication when you recreate the request, you can grab the number at the end of the forum topic's URL (for example, grab the 41891 out of and paste it in the "Forum topic" box at the bottom of the New Bulk Update Request page. This way, any discussion that previously happened under that old, unresolved and now-rejected request can be seen again by anyone looking to vote or comment on the new request. This also helps the admins get better context for the tag which may be useful in approving.

Furbitron has been monitoring the pending aliases, implications, and BURs on e621 since late September, 2023. It records how many of each type are pending, and the date of the oldest pending item of each type.

From that monitoring, this purge rejected approximately 385 pending alias requests and 500 pending implication requests. It did not affect any BURs.

Date checkedPending aliasesPending implicationsPending BURsOldest pending aliasOldest pending implicationOldest pending BUR
2023-01-07 05:001517113223392017-01-28 05:232017-01-03 01:362020-09-27 02:12
2023-01-09 05:00113263223502021-12-31 00:282022-01-04 05:112020-09-27 02:12

All times in UTC. (See Note 1.)

From 2023-09-24 to 2024-01-07, the net growth rate was 2.72 aliases, 1.74 implications, and 2.30 BURs per day, or approximately 83 aliases, 53 implications, and 70 BURs per month. (See Note 2.)

Tip: If you want to see the most recent discussions in the Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions forum, before all of the messages from "auto moderator" related to this purge, go to page 22 or 23 of that forum. (This assumes you're at the default of 40 threads per forum page.)

Furbitron is run independently, and is not affiliated with e621 or any of the other art sites it monitors.

Note 1: The data for 2023-01-08 is missing because e621 did not respond to one of the queries on that date. When this happens, Furbitron just gives up and tries again a day later.

Note 2: Furbitron does not track new proposals and approvals/rejections separately; it just counts how many pending requests there are each day. If there are 3 new proposals and no approvals/rejections, the count will go up by 3. If there are 3 new proposals and 1 approval/rejection, the count will go up by 2. If there are 3 new proposals and 5 approvals/rejections, the count will go down by 2, and so on.



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