Topic: Any free text-to-speech suggestions (for someone with garbage eyesight)?

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I've been trying to get into doing writing commissions but having to wear thick glasses makes editing difficult. I have to type slow and carefully. Usually for stories written below the posts I noticed how most have appeared to have been written in a hurry without any proofreading. I am basically legally blind without my glasses, sorta like how in most Scooby-Doo episodes where Velma loses her glasses and is stumbling around looking around for them.... If I am better at proofreading than a lot of writers for short stories under e621 posts then it shouldn't be too much of a hassle for someone who doesn't need to wear glasses.

Are there any free text-to-speech readers (as a Chrome extension that can be used in Google Docs) where the AI voices aren't choppy, it highlights the sentence or paragraph being read, and it has a little box showing what word the voice is reading in real time? That would be very helpful.

Another question I have: artists, what do you want in your stories relevant to a given SFW or NSFW topic accompanying a post of your choice in question? Were there any stories written by other writers for your art post that made you cringe or regret commissioning it?

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