Topic: [APPWUVD] Invawidation of a coupwe of tags

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The buwk update wequest #7346 has been appwuvd ^w^

change categowy (chawactew) (30) -> invawid
change categowy (awtist) (3) -> invawid
change categowy cweed_(disambiguation) (46) -> invawid

Weason: Awiasing (chawactew) to chawactew since that seems to be the best destinyation nyot being abwe to awias away tags stawting in ( is a bit annyoying
invawidating (awtist) because awtist is in use. (Though thewe's awtist:)

EDIT: The bulk update request #7346 (forum #398305) has been approved by @slyroon.


Odds are that (artist) and (character) were typos, the underscore accidentally left out when the artist or character tag was added. So, this is a good idea.

slyroon said:
I had to do a lot of double takes to be certain of this one.

SNP clearly had a lot of fun this April First. :p

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