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The tag alias #69095 whisker_dots -> whisker_spots has been approved.

Reason: Both of these refer to those little "pores" in the fur where an animal's whiskers connect to the face. As far as I can tell, neither term is more correct than the other, so either way would be fine.

EDIT: The tag alias whisker_dots -> whisker_spots (forum #398624) has been approved by @slyroon.

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Whisker follicle is the more technical term for the 'pores' where whiskers attach.

I don't think it's appropriate for more stylized takes though. Like the big huge chunky spots don't look like hair follicles anymore.

I'd have done it the other way around, since "whisker spots" implies actual spots, as in fur markings. We've already got people mistagging these as "whisker_markings" which is supposed to mean facial stripes in a whisker shape, so anything that can make it even clearer would be welcome (maybe "whisker_markings" should be renamed "whisker_stripes" or something too).

I think the criteria also needs to be tightened up. Really emphasized and stylized spots can be useful for looking for an artist based on their style. But then you have stuff like this:
post #4284368 post #3537087 post #3527022

Yeah, they're present, but they're barely visible and not really stylized.

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