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The act of choking a person.
It could be via deep throat, or other means.

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2024 2_horns antennae_(anatomy) arthropod arthropod_abdomen asphyxiation balls big_balls big_penis black_balls black_body black_eyes black_glans black_penis bodily_fluids breasts butt choking choking_on_penis cloak clothing cornifer_(hollow_knight) cuckold cum cum_in_pussy cum_inflation cum_inside cum_on_ground dialogue digital_media_(artwork) door duo english_text excessive_cum excessive_genital_fluids eyebrows eyelashes eyewear featureless_feet feet fellatio female female_on_bottom furniture gagging genital_fluids genitals glans glasses grey_background grey_cloak grey_clothing grey_text heart_eyes heart_symbol hi_res hollow_knight horn huge_penis humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis husband impregnation infidelity inflation inside iselda_(hollow_knight) larger_female looking_at_another looking_at_genitalia looking_at_penis male male/female male_on_top merchant monochrome motion_lines nude on_bottom on_ground on_top open_door oral oral_penetration ovum penetration penile penile_penetration penis penis_on_face piekiller plap_(sound) sex simple_background size_difference small_but_hung smaller_male sperm_cell standing store table talking_to_another team_cherry text the_knight_(hollow_knight) vaginal vaginal_penetration vein veiny_penis vessel_(species) wife
4_toes absurd_res against_surface against_wall anisodactyl anthro asphyxiation avian beak beak_piercing bird canid canine choking clothing comic corvid corvus_(genus) crow duo facial_piercing father_hill feathered_wings feathers feet forced forced_exposure forced_undressing furgonomics furry-specific_piercing hair hi_res hill_(father_hill) lifting_partner long_hair male male/male mammal molestation oscine passerine piercing public_transportation rape size_difference skinny sound_effects subway suit text toes undressing undressing_another violence wings