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A form of masturbation where a character's mouth or tongue is used to stimulate their own pussy and clitoris.

Note that this should not be tagged with cunnilingus.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: auto_cunnilingus, self_cunnilingus (learn more).

This tag implicates vaginal_masturbation, oral_masturbation (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: portal_autocunnilingus (learn more).

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2024 alternate_version_at_source anus autocunnilingus color_edit colored cunnilingus domestic_cat felid feline felis female feral genitals graphite_(artwork) grey_background half-closed_eyes hi_res looking_at_viewer looking_back looking_up mammal masturbation narrowed_eyes neurodiverse_friends oral oral_masturbation original_version_at_source pencil_(artwork) pussy raised_leg rear_view sex simple_background solo third-party_edit tongue tongue_out tourette traditional_media_(artwork) unknown_artist vaginal vaginal_masturbation x_anus
2024 5_fingers 5_toes animal_humanoid annoyed anus autocunnilingus biped black_body black_ears black_eyebrows black_fur black_hair black_tail blush blush_lines butt cat_humanoid claws cunnilingus curling_toes currentlytr_ash delicious_in_dungeon dipstick_ears dipstick_tail dungeon ear_markings eyebrows feet felid felid_humanoid feline feline_humanoid female female_humanoid finger_claws fingers flexible folded frustration_cloud fur genitals hair hair_over_eye hi_res holding_leg holding_thigh humanoid humanoid_genitalia humanoid_pussy inside izutsumi_(delicious_in_dungeon) looking_at_viewer mammal mammal_humanoid markings masturbation multicolored_body multicolored_ears multicolored_fur nude nude_female nude_humanoid on_ground one_eye_obstructed oral oral_masturbation pawpads pink_anus pink_claws pink_pawpads pink_tongue plantigrade plantigrade_pawpads pupils pussy raised_leg sex short_hair side_view sitting slit_pupils soles solo spread_legs spreading stone_floor stone_wall tail tail_markings toe_claws toes tongue tongue_out two_tone_body two_tone_ears two_tone_fur two_tone_tail vaginal vaginal_masturbation wall_(structure) white_body white_ear_tips white_ears white_fur white_pussy white_tail white_tail_tip yellow_eyes
2023 4_fingers anthro anus autocunnilingus big_butt bodily_fluids butt butt_focus chipchell clothing cunnilingus ejaculation eyelashes eyewear female fingers flexible footwear footwear_only fur genital_fluids genitals glasses gopher grey_background greyscale hair hand_on_butt hand_on_own_butt lace_(chipchell) legs_above_head licking mammal masturbation monochrome mostly_nude narrowed_eyes nude oral oral_masturbation pussy pussy_ejaculation rodent sex shoes simple_background socks solo tongue tongue_out vaginal vaginal_fluids vaginal_masturbation