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The communication of ideas, or emotions primarily through symbols, or images. Pictographs are used as an alternative to dialogue, or inner monologue, and serve as a more visual way to show what a character wants, feels, or is thinking about.

Pictographs are usually contained within a speech bubble, or thought bubble, but the term may apply to various situations in which interpretive symbolism is used as a narrative mechanism.

Very common, abstract, or basic symbols are generally excluded from this tag if they appear outside of a text container.

For general visual information used as interpretive, or communicative symbolism that is not being directly communicated from a character, use pictogram instead. The pictogram category includes most static usages (signs, labels, notifications, instruction manuals, etc).

For images that are part of a text messaging system generally fall under emoji instead.


Common symbolism

Does not typically apply to punctuation (..., ?, !, ?!).

See also

The following tags are aliased to this tag: pictographs, pictograph (learn more).

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