When a character's knee(s) touch the ground or other surface beneath them, usually balancing with their feet.

If bipedal (i.e., usually not a feral), the penetrator of doggystyle sex commonly kneels.

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Common kneeling surfaces:
Secondary weight supports while kneeling:
Particular cases:
  • on_one_knee - the pledge knee for knights to pray and people to propose marriage.
  • seiza - when kneeling is a sitting position
Other basic positions:
Do not confuse with:
  • all_fours - when a bipedal character distributes their weight across their hands and feet/knees, all touching the ground or other surface beneath them, thus keeping their torso roughly parallel to that surface. Because this regularly involves kneeling, describing the same position with both tags is redundant and should be avoided.
  • sitting - when a character's butt rests on a surface, supporting all or most of their weight. Technically, a character resting their butt on their feet kneels and sits at the same time. This is always kneeling but may not be sitting by some interpretations. Seiza is one version of this pose.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: on_knees, kneeling_down, kneel (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: seiza, on_one_knee, kneeling_sex, kneeling_on_ground (learn more).

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