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Species: lizardman (warhammer fantasy)

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The Lizardmen are a race of anthropomorphic reptiles from the setting of Warhammer Fantasy (and it's sequel setting, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, where they are renamed "The Seraphon")

Lizardmen sub-species

  • Slann - Toad-like Lizardmen who are powerful mages and rulers of Lizardman society.
  • Saurus - Large and ferocious Lizardmen who serve as the warrior-caste.
  • Skink - Small and intelligent Lizardmen who serve as artisans, administrators, scribes and translators. In times of war, they serve as light infantry and skirmishers.
  • Kroxigor - Hulking and dimwitted Lizardmen who serve as laborers and shock infantry.

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