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An Internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. An Internet meme may take the form of an image, hyperlink, video, picture, website, or hashtag. It may be just a word or phrase, including an intentional misspelling. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, or news sources. In short, a meme is an idea that mutates similarly to a gene. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures or subcultures, often created or spread on sites such as Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and numerous others, or by Usenet boards and other such early-internet communications facilities.

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The following tags implicate this tag: awesome_face, doge, trollface, twitter_hoodie, adventure_(meme), delet_this, distracted_boyfriend, girls_laughing_(meme), just_right, loss, ugandan_knuckles, you_know_i_had_to_do_it_to_em, right-hook_dog, muscle_fox, moth_lamp_(meme), don't_talk_to_me_or_my_son_ever_again, bongo_cat, knife_cat, ¿quieres?, virgin_vs._chad, hands-free_bubble_tea, special_feeling, piper_perri_surrounded, surprised_pikachu, until_it_snaps, cicada_block, longcat, are_you_tired_of_being_nice?, i_don't_want_to_be_bread, monorail_cat, dancing_cockroach, image_macro, toad_stacking, draw_me_like_one_of_your_french_girls, bowsette_meme (learn more).

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2020 2_toes aliasing ambiguous_gender bovid caprine dialogue digital_media_(artwork) english_text eyewear eyewear_only feral fur glasses glasses_only hooves horn mammal meme nude open_mouth orange_body orange_fur orange_horn pink_nose sheep simple_background solo square_glasses tan_body tan_fur text toes trout_(artist) trout_(character) white_background wool_(fur)
amanda_(starfox) amphibian angry anthro blush bodily_fluids breasts clothed clothing distracted distracted_boyfriend dragon female frog hi_res mae_magritte_(artist) male male/female meme nintendo reptile scalie size_difference slippy_toad star_fox sweat swissy toad_(frog) video_games
16:9 animal_humanoid anonymous_artist atama bangs big_breasts blush breasts clothing door female grey_hair hair hi_res humanoid inner_ear_fluff lips mammal mammal_humanoid meme microphone mouse_humanoid murid murid_humanoid murine murine_humanoid photo_background red_eyes rodent rodent_humanoid shirt sitting_on_chair solo tan_body tan_skin topwear tuft white_clothing white_shirt white_topwear widescreen
alpha_channel ambiguous_gender blitzdrachin bodily_fluids cat_can't_handle_flower conditional_dnp condom crying cum cum_on_head domestic_cat e621 esix felid feline felis feral filled_condom genital_fluids humor mammal mascot meme sexual_barrier_device solo tears