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Straddling is a posture where a character sits, stands, kneels, or crouches with a leg on each side of something. A character does not need to touch that something to count as straddling, but the closer the posture is to what is being straddled, the more relevant the posture will be. For instance a macro character can easily be standing over many objects, but the shear distance between the character and the object will render this tag's definition essentially meaningless for macros.

A good rule of thumb is if the object or character being straddled is perpendicular to a character's legs, that object or character should be long enough to span the entire distance between a character's legs. For vertically aligned objects, it should be obvious that the object was intended to be straddled. For vertically aligned characters, this may be more tricky to judge than objects, but consider that postures that involve clinging, leg_wrap, or leg_hug generally do not receive this tag.

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