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Short for "macrophilia", a fetish based around the character(s) being gigantic in size. Often seen along vore and other fetishes.

May also refer to any non-sexual art of gigantic characters.

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... 2020 5_fingers ? age_difference ambiguous_gender angry annoyed anthro biped black_body black_border black_bottomwear black_clothing black_fur black_markings black_nose black_pants black_text black_topwear black_tuft blonde_hair blue_eyes border boruto:_naruto_next_generations boruto_uzumaki bottomwear canid canine cape cheek_tuft child claws clothed clothing comic dialogue digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) english_text eye_contact facial_markings facial_tuft fangs father father_and_child father_and_son fingers footwear fox fur fur_tuft grey_cape grey_clothing grey_topwear group hair half-closed_eyes hand_on_arm head_markings head_tuft holding_character human kurama larger_ambiguous larger_anthro lifted lifting looking_at_another looking_back looking_down looking_up macro male mammal markings micro micro_in_hand multiple_scenes narrowed_eyes naruto naruto_uzumaki nude older_male open_mouth orange_body orange_clothing orange_fur orange_shirt orange_topwear pants parent parent_and_child red_eyes red_tongue s2-freak shirt shoes short_hair side_view signature simple_background size_difference smaller_human smaller_male son speech_bubble standing surprise tan_body tan_skin teeth text tongue topwear tuft watermark white_background white_claws white_text wide_eyed wraps wrist_grab young younger_human younger_male
absurd_res demi dragon dragonwithgames eastern feral genitals growth hi_res macro male penis reptile scalie snake snake_penis transformation
anthro breasts cuddling female gigantamax_cinderace gigantamax_pokémon hi_res larger_female long_ears macro male male/female micro micro_on_macro napping nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) resting resting_on_belly size_difference small_breasts unknown_artist video_games