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Shinemon311 said:
Implicating universal → we're_back!_a_dinosaur's_story_balto_(film)
Link to implication




the way these things work is that the thing that is implied comes second.. so:

Shirt implies clothing
Wolf implies canine

So, we're_back!_a_dinosaur's_story should imply universal, not the other way around.

More importantly, you've added balto_(film) to the end of it and that's just wrong... be more careful, please, when you enter these in. :)

Also, if you have a whole bunch of suggestions, it can be faster to make a single implication, then list the others in the reason field :)

Thanks for trying to make e621 a better place!

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Knotty_Curls said:
Flipped all implications and consolidated them here:

[/quote]Unless it's referring to another series entirely, the first Woody Woodpecker series is actually called The Woody Woodpecker Show. Anyway...

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