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Topic: Furry Hentai Animation Possible?

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I'm just posting this hoping to get people's opinions on the matter.

So basically I just got done watching Inshuzoku Reviewers and found to be pretty hilarious. Watching those three dude trying their myriad of sexual escapades then rating them on a guild board like they're the 'Gordon Ramsey's' of sex was pretty entertaining but their was one particular scene that obviously caught my attention.

On the 3rd episode the guys decide to take gender bender potions so they can feel things out from a women's perspective while still indulging the women of that particular harem. Crimvael, the angel of the group, chooses a female hyena named Elsa as his partner for the night, the two of them of course go at it and it struck me that this was the first time I've actually seen this happen.

Elsa isn't your stereotypical cute human girl with hyena ears and tail, she is a legit hyena women and all who had actual legit sex with Crimvael (granted as a hyena Elsa is a hermaphrodite and Crimvael was genderbent into a female plus the scene was partially censored) exposed in the episode and it made think.

Beastars has had a pretty good surge in popularity and lately I've noticed a lot more animes with anthropomorphic animals as the main cast popping up so I'm beginning to wonder if the topic stated above is not beyond the realm of possibility. And no I'm not talking about those BS hentais were the guys are actually monsters raping girls or whatever the fuck, I'm talking legit romantic shit ya know? And no offense to any animators here but if studio actually produced something like that for real that would be pretty insane.

What do you guys think? This is the first time I've posted a topic like this so please be gentle with the critic or flaming but I don't mind it at least. Just looking for other people's thoughts on the matter, people who are actually more informative and experienced then I am is a welcome boon too.

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If you're willing to pay an animator, I'm sure someone could do it.

The trouble is that romance requires emotion and the characters feeling like people, which mandates a lot more scenes and attention to writing.

Minor quibble- hyena females aren't hermaphrodites. They just have a weird pseudo-penis made out of clitoral hood bits. I think it helps the male somehow, though I've never cared enough to look it up.

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Can't think of one hentai off the top of my head with actual furries in it. It's mostly been doujins and manga where furry sexual and romantic things happen. Animation from Japan is sometimes "soft" furry (Animal Ears or characters like from Monster Musume), by that I mean humanoids/monster girls in suggestively sexual and/or romantic situations. Don't get me wrong, I like those.

There is hope though, there is a changing landscape in animation from Japan. Slowly but surely it has been building itself to be more inclusive of real anthropomorphic characters in romantic and believable "human" situations. Like Random said: they need to feel like actual people. A deep level of commonality and something that one can care about and may even relate to; empathize even.

With animations like Beastars, Ishuzoku Reviewers, Gundam: Re Rise, and soon BNA, we'll likely have something of an animated furry hentai or furry romance anime sooner than later (Beastars being a nice change of pace). There is very slowly less stigma against it in Japan. It won't totally go away, but i believe it has been changing to be more accepting. Thus, more anime with furries.

Heck, the furry con over there has been increasing in attendance over the years.

I'm hoping for more Beastars. I absolutely liked Beastars. BNA is looking good. Hoping that turns out good. Also hoping for an anime adaptation of The Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts. That's just what I like to see though. Anime reminiscent of the classic Beauty and the Beast.

That said, I'm sure a furry Anthro hentai or romantic animation will be in the works.

Other mentions:

-Blue Submarine #6
-Rising of The Shield Hero - humanoid characters, and I really liked it.

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I think one thing that stands in the way of adult Furry content is the common impression that anthropomorphic characters are for kids. Compared to the whole TV/movie industry it's very rare to find actual adult stuff. Japanese animes are ahead of this, though (IRC there was a semi-furry bunny getting some action in "Gate" S2E1)

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Random said:
I think it helps the male somehow, though I've never cared enough to look it up.

It does the opposite of this.

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Random said:

Minor quibble- hyena females aren't hermaphrodites. They just have a weird pseudo-penis made out of clitoral hood bits. I think it helps the male somehow, though I've never cared enough to look it up.

MagnusEffect said:
It does the opposite of this.

This little animation explains it
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Japan is your best hope for pro furry animation, but advancements in hardware and software could help the amateurs compete. Software like Blender gets better all the time, and machine learning and procedural generation techniques can help to cut down the workload by automating tedious tasks.

Take one animator working on HEDT hardware at home. Over time, they can create longer animations, with less work and rendering time, and higher perceived quality and detail.

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