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Topic: YiffBrowse (Android/Windows App)

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Hello there!

I've made an Android app to browse this site. With that I mean posts and pools.
A favourite feature of mine is going through the pages within a pool, you can navigate by 1, 10 or 100 pages back and forth.

- Search for the most popular posts within a given timespan (daily, weekly, monthly).
- Use up to 20 tags to search for up to 320 posts at once.
- Exclude .webm files to circumvent accidental downloads of larger animations. (.swf files are disabled by default, cannot be viewed/downloaded)

I also like calling them comics, you'll know why when you read the pool #12267!
- Go through pages of pools to start reading.
- Find a pool directly by its ID.
- "Query"-Mode was replaced with the "Advanced"-Mode, where you can search for an ID, a name, the creator, if it should be a series or collection, sort by name, creation date, post count or last updated
- Another thing you can do so you don't have to remember names and IDs is marking a pool as a favourite and using the "Favourites"-mode. Favourite pools are saved into
- - ANDROID: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/yiffbrowse/favourites_pools.txt
- - WINDOWS: C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Local/Packages/(YiffBrowse folder)/LocalState/Databases/favourites_pools.txt

1.) Theme (There are 7 themes as of now, will be saved)
2.) Download Settings
- "Scan files into the Gallery?" (Android only)
- Downloaded files aren't shown in the Android systems' gallery by default. Tick this option if you want posts/pages from pools to show up there.
- "Copy Posts Path" (Windows only)
- Copies the posts path into your clipboard for easy access so that you can manage the files.
- "Stream files, don't download"
- Does what it says on paper, it keeps your system clean of any explicit/questionable/safe material. Also saves space.
- "Skip posts with invalid file-URLs"
- Posts without a preview, sample and file parameter (null-value). With this option set, they won't even show up.
3.) Delete Files
- Delete files by...
- ...tags
- ...type post
- ...type pool
- ...type preview
- ...type popular
4.) Updates
- Download Update
- Download the latest update (availability is only checked on start)
- View Changelog
- View the changelog from Version 3 onwards (latest update on top)

- Settings are saved into
- ANDROID: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/yiffbrowse/settings.txt
- WINDOWS: C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Local/Packages/(YiffBrowse folder)/LocalState/Settings/settings.txt

- A health notice regarding Covid-19
- I care for all of you, okay?

- You can log in to view your name, avatar, ID, level and when you've created your account.
- You can view your favourites directly through the "User"-tab. (You have to go to the "Posts"-tab for that, it automatically searches for your favourites, but that's it.)
- You can edit your account, this will bring you to
- Your credentials will be encrypted and saved into /storage/emulated/0/Documents/yiffbrowse/logincredentials.txt (will be deleted once you logout).

- You can view all posts again (global blacklist)
- Your credentials will be encrypted and saved into
- ANDROID: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/yiffbrowse/logincredentials.txt
- WINDOWS: C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/Local/Packages/(YiffBrowse folder)/LocalState/Settings/credentials.txt

I've not worked on this app for a month, the reason being that I'm going to uni and don't have much free time for this anymore. Apart from that, I rushed through my last week before uni to get this app up and running for all of you.
Thank you so much for downloading to the 180 people at the time of writing, it literally exploded from ~30 or ~60 to 150, thank you!

Hello! It's been quite some time since the last big update, the ones prior to Update 22 were small band-aid fixes which resulted in some more chaos... Well, it should be fixed now.
Installation for Windows 10 devices is a little... different... not exactly harder... but... it could be easier...
Windows 10 installation instructions

Release history


Download (Update 23)
Download for Android
Download for Windows


" I know, I'll make a new thread every time the last one gets locked."

Updated by anonymous

Doomguy666 said:
" I know, I'll make a new thread every time the last one gets locked."

First thread was locked because it was advertisement(Payed app / Patreon). Second was locked because of legalese of calling it " app"(To avoid confusion of it being an official app).
This thread is fine.

Updated by anonymous

Hello! I've totally missed out on posting updates in the comments too!
So here you go!

Updated by anonymous

Hello! New version which is more like a band-aid fix since there is a new API, which really caught me off-guard, like, I knew that there was an update coming to this site, but I didn't keep track, WELP... It's kinda-fixed now.

Here is the changelog for Version 20:

The download link is in the first entry on this post.
And also here


Another hotfix regarding comments (disabled for now), popularity (disabled for now), WebMs (new method of viewing those), crashing when viewing Tags, "problematic" posts (returning null-URL -> no pictures), but also some neat stuff that bothered me for quite some time like tidying up the settings, and stream-mode for posts.

The full changelog for Version 21:

And here is the download link again: click

Hello! This is a bigger update because I got the Windows 10 (UWP) version working.
Most features are available again, some were improved.

The download link is in the first post on this forum topic and I don't want to post it here because of the way the URL is built now, I would need to go through each post with the downloads again.
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You can also view the Changelog here or in the first post

Version 23 is now available, it's a small update, fixed comments and added the ability to "login".
Logging in in this case means that you enter:
- Your username
- Your API Key (needs to be generated in your account settings)
Both will be encrypted and stored on your device, nowhere else.
Don't believe me? Here is the user-page source:

That also means that e621 doesn't force the new global blacklist onto you and that your personal blacklist will be used.

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(Btw, finding out how to log in took me somewhere between 6 months and a year, but "HTTP Basic Auth" was a great hint!)

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